Wind Energy Forecasts

meteogrE4Cast provides meteorological and wind energy forecasts for wind farms for the European area.

Forecasts are evaluated by our unified forecasting model. Our approach couples numerical weather prediction models  with artificial neural networks  models in order to better achieve the goal of energy forecasts for wind farms. Our model has been developed by our team in the last 3 years and tested on many wind farms in our region. See here for more details about our approach.

The E4C service is provided upon an annual suscription. Our customers may activate three different level of service for each windfarm, depending on forecast lenght.   

Forecasts are distributed authomatically by e-mail or ftp service, in a txt/csv ascii format for easy postprocessing. In addition each user can access live forecasts and forecasts archive through the E4Cast web interface


 The basic service comes with a daily forecast update (before 12.30 PM). The plus service comes with 2 daily updates (before 05.00AM & before 12.30PM).

 Our forecast service is available for all of the European Area , according to the following picture.  For Domain 2, which covers Central and Southern Italy, forecasts accuracy is increased thanks to a higher resolution domain.


Domain 1 - EuropeDomain 2 - Central and Southern Italy
 Domain 1 Domain 2 



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